What do pornstars go through before having sex?

Before pornstars become naked and involve in sex before a camera, they are needed to pass 3 checks and these checks are important for HIV as well as various other sexually transmitted diseases. These processes keep the industry of porn free of HIV. According to the medical consultants hired for porn, some 350,000 sex scenes have got shot since the year 2004, and that too without the use of condoms. But still, not a single instance of HIV has been transmitted on the set.

So, it can be said that outside of porn if these sex scenes had got acted in a person’s bedroom then the probabilities of having HIV infection would have been much higher. It is particularly true in some communities having higher rates of HIV. Every health professional agrees that sexually active people must always utilize condoms and in California, officials are engaged in making the shooting of porn without the use of condoms unlawful.

However, producers have been fighting back and they are also arguing that shooting sex scenes without the use of condoms happens to be a pornographic death blow. The reputed porn sites, like xxxbios, make it a point to make pornstars go through regular testing. Again, they maintain a stern policy to keep every person clean.

Reasons for doing porn

Every pornstar has a reason for doing porn and the majority of the people get involved in this job due to some financial problems. Another fraction agreed to join the workforce as they had undergone severe sexual molestation as well as raped constantly. Many pornstars are usual actors and actresses who had once worked as strippers before turning into actual pornstars.

What porn does for women?

Porn is hugely useful for women as it helps them feel better regarding their bodies. Additionally, it also helps them explore their sexuality all the more. Porn is a kind of normalized body diversity and it is also a different kind of sexual behavior and act.