Various Options of Costumes Hindu Brides Can Choose From!

A marriage is a very colourful affair in India; bride-to-be and groom as well as the whole expanded bridal entourages preen and gleam, flaunting their very best clothes and diamond. As bridal looksare important aspect in the weddings.

Marriage garments are usually made of rich fabrics like silk, satin, brocade, chiffon and are mainly embroidered in gold and silver bond. Shades of red, oriental and yellow are the most preferredcolors for wedding attire. A bride wearsjewelry, bangles on the hands, large ear-rings and gold chains around the neck. The grooms sport quite alittle bit of charms too.

The Hindu bride is generally adorned in a sari. Brides from Punjab, Bihar, Rajasthan, Jammu and Uttar Pradesh also wear a lehnga-choli or a salwar kameez that is heavily embroidered with precious metal thread. In Maharashtra, brides to be wear a Paithani sari and shawl using its yellow metal brocade border woven intricately with birds, flowers and geometrical patterns.

Hair is embellished with flowers and on the forehead has a tikka in several colours. Almost all brides wear jewelry. Normally plain white will certainly not be worn by a hindu bride; in the South though, the bride does wear off-white or cream with platinum zari or a colored border.

So, here are a few marriage looks from hindu brides that will leave you mesmerised:

Maharashtrian bride

Mundavalya, a string of flowers or pearls, is the initial thing one will notice that distinguishes a Maharashtrian bride from the other Indian brides. Her marriage outfit is a two-tone, silk saree with a golden border, known as Paithani, and her frizzy hair is tied in a bun adorned with mogra flowers.

Usually, the new bride wears the saree in a dhoti style. The bride wears a regular half-moon shaped nath, matching the crescent shaped bindi with a red dot and her jewellery is composed of white pearls and gold.

Punjabi Bride

A Punjabi bride prefers wearing a red, maroon or green lehenga onto her wedding day. However, there is no restriction as such and she can wear any colour she wants. The colours that are usually avoided are black and white.

Apart from her royal dress and other pieces of jewellery, a nose ring or nath, forms an integral part of her solahshringar. The beautiful blend of rich wedding traditions and the flawless beauty of Punjabi brides can leave anyone spellbound.

Sikh Bride

A Sikh bride can wear loads of jewels and gems, but her bridesmaid look can never be complete without the chooda and kalire. For the Anand Karaj ceremony the bride can opt for a lehenga, or anarkali suit. She keeps the veil over her mind upto the forehead for the complete ceremony. Her chooda may comprise of white, red, pink, peach, and so on. The kalire are small golden or silver trinklets which provide as a blessing to the bride and are tied to the bride’s chooda by her mother.

The best thing about Indian culture is its exquisiteness. North, East, South or West, various rituals and customs around the nation are sincerely loved and respected. You would probably not believe, but it is true that with every state or region, the customs in India vary.

Whether it is festivals, marriages, or any other faith based events, everything possesses its own originality is a valuable and with it is about its distinctive color, flavour and taste. Apart from the costumes, you can choose Hindu wedding invitation online. As wedding invitation plays very important role in Indian weddings.