People think that making money by selling sex is easy. They assume that if you are cute and hot then you will instantly make a fortune. But there are a few problems with that line of thought and before I go any further let me just mention two. The first is that, to be honest, there are an awful lot of women trying to make money by selling charm and companionship and sex for money. It is a crowded market, no matter whether you are at the top, middle or bottom of the market place. Second, not everyone and certainly not ever man, has the same taste. So the women that you would regard as conventional sexy BBs – Basically Baywatch – do not actually find it that easy. Lots of men have more specialised tastes and prefer something less vanilla such as being tied up and teased or spanked rather than straight sex or even anal.

I have two very good friends, one of whom is genuinely a Playboy Model and she is also lots of fun with it. You would assume that she would be one of the busiest escorts Las Palmas has ever seen. But she does only OK financially. When clients get with her they love her and end up staying with her for hours and even days. But she is nothing like as successful as you would imagine, or even as she deserves. Her problem, to be honest, is that she is too beautiful and perfect. It intimidates potentially clients. So she only get bookings from the very richest clients – which is terrific, but there are not enough of them – or from those with giant egos, which might be chemically enhanced which id less than ideal.

The other friend of ours is ten years older and more cuddly, but does nearly twice as much money because clients do not have to suspend disbelief to believe that they could get to have sex with her and that she could enjoy their company. She is like the very sexy hot girl next door – well, these days more like the sexy MILF next door to be honest – and men can handle the fact that she could actually genuinely want them and have a good time with them. She is, as they say “one or two rungs up the ladder”. Which is to say that she is sexy enough that men would hesitate to approach her ina bar, but attainable enough that once they had plucked up the courage they would try it. And that is perfect positioning (pardon the pun) for an escort who wants to appeal to as many clients as possible and make regular money.