I have now been working full time as a high class international escort for just a little over five years, since finishing at university. My work has taken me to a lot of amazing places that I would never have had the chance to visit normally. I do not mean countries, because with the cost of air fares and great things like Airbnb, pretty much anyone can afford to visit just about anywhere. I mean places like private islands in the Caribbean, Indian ocean and Pacific with just my client, me and the serving staff. Houses on the beach at The Hamptons and parties filled with billionaires and celebrities. The penthouse suites at some of the most outrageous hotels in the world – the kind of placed that you see in movies, but much more opulent and glamorous!.I have been to several Oscar after parties, to the Met Ball in New York, and I am now quite well recognised by the staff who work during the Cannes Film Festival. But I am smart enough not to think that is my real life.

I have quite a few people that I know from my time socialising with the rich and famous – also known as the rich and shameless. They all know what I do for a living and in the case of the women they are happy enough to be seen with me. And in the case of the guys they are very proud to be seen with me. Having the sexiest escort Marbella has to offer on their arm is always an ego boost for a man, even if she is a prostitute – albeit a high class and very expensive one.

But would they be my friend if I was not turning up at events and places with my super-A-List clients? I doubt it. That sort of world only has two level; the A List and the people who want to be with the A-List. To be really cynical, the users and the used. And no, I do not feel hypocritical saying that when I earn my living from being an escort for rich men. My job as a high class escort means that I am both user (I charge money, a lot of it) and used – you know what I mean by that, I’m sure.