The best places to meet for a date

Dating is one of those activities that we all deal with differently. Some of us are nervous whilst others see it as a walk through the park; it all depends on our personality and how confident we feel about ourselves. Luckily internet dating does make it easier for us to contact new partners, so a lot of us get the chance to meet new people even if we find it hard. But all said and done, once you get past the internet stage, you still need to meet face-to-face eventually. When it comes to the real thing, choosing the right location to meet can have a big effect on how the date works out.

Traditional dating

Depending on what you are planning to do, you will want to choose your meeting place carefully. Let’s say you’re going on a normal romantic date, then a local restaurant or café will do fine, you’re not trying to hide from anyone. Admittedly you will still need some privacy so maybe don’t choose your local pub when you know all your mates are going to show up. However there are many different kinds of other dating activities out there.

Adult dating

If you are doing adult dating and you’re wondering where to meet for sex, then you need to approach the situation differently. Sex often requires more discretion, and some people just wish to remain anonymous. There are two places when it comes to a sex meet: the place you meet and the place you end up going to for sex. You can meet in a discreet café to briefly have a chat and a drink but ultimately you will want to take that party somewhere else if all goes well. You don’t want to follow them at home just yet, you need to make sure you can trust them first. Hotel rooms are a great neutral and discreet place to go to, until the two of you decide you are happy to use each other’s homes in the future.

Ask your date

Dating should be about making you comfortable, but it is also important that your date is happy if you want everything to work out. The last thing you want to do is to take things somewhere too crowded if you partner hates crowds for example. Just talk to your other potential half and ask then about what they like and more so about what they don’t like. This will help determine the right meeting place, and it will show you actually care about their feelings. That’s always a good way to get things started.

Discreet vs public

Ultimately you will find yourself weighting your choices between a public place and a discreet one. You want the place to be public so that the two of you can be standing on neutral grounds. Basically being left alone with a total stranger is not the ideal situation, and for the sake of safety you it shouldn’t be just the two of you. But you need to make a compromise between that and finding somewhere the two of you still feel intimate. So not having a huge crowd so you can still hear each other speaking is probably best. Like with everything, dating is all about finding the right compromise to suit the situation better. Just take your time to think and you should find that ideal place where your date can take place.