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We help you buy your first pair of Nike training shoes online.

There is always some degree of confusion that most people have in terms of what constitutes training shoes. A lot of shoppers are unaware of the fact that training shoes are different from running shoes. The two types of shoes are different across many parameters, from weight to flexibility.

While running shoes offer greater heel to toe stability, with a lighter middle to allow for natural gait and motion, training shoes are equally sturdy all around the sole to account for different kinds of workouts. Training shoes are useful for those who lift weights, or who do spot jumping or skipping, or who mix High Intensity Interval Training with cross fit and other gruelling workouts. They offer adequate toe and heel support, and the sole is often heavier and more inflexible to absorb the shock of impact and to distribute your weight correctly.

How to buy the right training shoes?

Buying the correct pair of training shoes is more a matter of picking the right size and fit, as also the perfect brand. Though many companies today manufacture training shoes, you should ideally go with reputed brands like Nike shoes or Adidas trainers.

Follow these steps when buying Nike shoes for training online:

* Measure your feet properly. If you have never purchased footwear online before, then you need to start by getting your feet measured. Draw an outline of your feet on a blank sheet of paper. Now take a tape measure and find the length of the foot (from the longest toe to the back of the heel) and the side width. Get the measurements in both inches and centimetres. These measurements will help you pick the correct size that fits.

* Shop online. Now that you have your shoe measurements, open a leading fashion site like Jabong and start browsing for Nike shoes. You can filter the search by adding ‘Training shoes’ in the search window. This will automatically trim down your choices and show you the most relevant searches for Nike shoes in the training category. Check out new colours and styles – slip on, neon designs are all the rage at the moment – and also set further filters for price and material.

* Check the size guide correctly. Once you have clicked on the kind of training shoe you wish to buy, look at the size guide provided alongside. The size guide mentions all the size options in that particular brand and design. Compare your feet measurements with the sizes mentioned before you make your selection. Also check for the online store’s exchange and refund policy.

* Proceed to pay. By now, you have picked out the right pair of Nike shoes and you are ready to checkout. Proceed to checkout and apply any coupon or promo codes you may have. The final bill is then presented on your screen. After this, you can pay for your purchases online and receive a confirmation email about the possible date of delivery.

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