Selecting Jewellery For The Wedding Gown

Selecting jewellery to choose your wedding gown depends upon several factors:

– your individual taste

– the wedding theme/decor/colour plan

– your look of wedding gown

First of all, be led from your personal taste and fashion sense. Your wedding event isn’t a time for you to try something random and out-of-character – look first at the own jewellery collection, specifically for any carefully selected presents and heirlooms, and find out that which you feel quite comfortable in. You could be able to utilize a bit you already own as the “something old”, or borrow a product from the friend as the “something lent”.

Next, reflect the shades and design for the wedding decoration, your flowers, your bridesmaids’ dresses – or perhaps go ahead and take chance to create your “something blue” for your outfit together with your wedding jewellery. If you are planning for any pendant or earrings, then you can easily incorporate motifs you will probably have in your wedding decor, for example flowers, wild birds, butterflies, diamonds or hearts. Layered bangles and bracelets can also add a boho turn to a relaxed wedding, and bold earrings and necklaces can definitely spice up an easy strapless wedding dress.

Next, consider your look of wedding gown: the cut, the neckline, straps, detailing, material and elegance. It might be simple to co-ordinate by echoing details like pearls, sparkles and flowers, or you might want to contrast together with your wedding gown making a real statement together with your jewellery. For vintage wedding gowns, antique (or reproduction) jewellery looks fantastic, and modern pieces go wonderfully with chic, contemporary wedding dresses.

Remember, less is much more – it is best to choose just a few pieces for the wedding jewellery to prevent over-accessorising or making your outfit look ‘busy’. And when you are getting a summer time wedding, a brief wedding gown or putting on open-foot footwear, be sure to prettify your ft! Foot rings and anklets bring a sweet and delicate element for your wedding outfit if you have them on show.

Some alternative suggestions for wedding jewellery include:

– a lengthy pendant necklace or locket

– your diamond engagement ring on the chain

– thick bangles wrapped with co-ordinating fabric

– artificial flowers to fit your bouquet, as earrings or on the chain

– lengthy earrings having a strapless gown

– all diamonds, from earrings to necklace to bracelet for your diamond engagement ring

– a mixture of silver and gold

– vintage bits of jewellery, with brooches pinned for your wedding gown /bouquet

– weave strings of pearls/necklaces to your bouquet

– oversized earrings and bold statement pieces

– pearls involved in ribbon like a necklace

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