Reasons you haven’t found love yet

Often, not meeting or not realizing what is most important to us or what matters to us the most is due to an emotion challenging to control: fear.

Indeed, worrying about really meeting this happiness can make us fail. Do you know why? The main one is: what future is it going to induce? What to do once I get the Grail? In this case, what will happen to me when I’m in love? Will I live up to what is expected of me? And then, filigree this nagging question: will I suffer? Suddenly, paralyzed by fear, we avoid situations that could make us “match” with a soul mate.

Anuptaphobia is an irrational fear. This is why the behavior of a person suffering from anaphylaxis is quite marked and flashy compared to a pure desire to seek and find a partner.

This tendency to want to be in a relationship at all costs causes pain and discomfort more than one thinks about a certain part of the population, who feels that being in a relationship is the only way to exist and live. To be recognized in this world, which translates into a perpetual and unsuccessful search for that other person. Feeling like a half and not a whole being, looking for someone to be and not just to be happier is always a wrong path to happiness.

Tolerance is everywhere, and some people do not need to be in a relationship to know what happiness is. They do not expect and expect nothing; they live celibacy with satisfaction. Where others toil in their celibacy, suffer from it, lack a stable love-presence, fail to seek it, to succeed in building a romantic relationship. And you, what is your opinion on the question?

Bad waves

Another cause of this inability to meet love is our propensity to self-program for failure. We look too closely, and self-criticism is severe or ruthless and very exaggerated! Suddenly, strong of our finding of not worth anything, to be ugly and uninteresting to the possible, we send back to the others left and closed step, do not dare to put in value, do too much or too little and the meetings are scrambled. Others finally think of us what we did not want him to think! And the worst is that we serve him on a platter!

Very materially, we can not sell a product if we do not believe it if we think it is riddled with malfunctions!

Bad pretexts

Steps to Finding Love

Do not meet love is also attach to the other for the wrong reasons and leave it for bad reasons. We are blown on someone because he (she) is the absolute of someone else; he (she) like it? So I should be good with an error!

We flaunt someone because he (she) will get us out of our environment, our greyness error!

We flaunt someone because he/she looks rich, elegant, beautiful. To you to put your qualifiers error! Since when does the air alone make the song?

And then, from time to time, we leave for details, or we go too quickly, for reasons that are not. Sometimes on the bad advice of the entourage who is not in our place and sometimes is not so moral that, and that is how without knowing it, we broke the arrow of Cupid and missed our encounter with love.