Pick Your Handbag for the Occasion

Wherever there’s an event, accessories play a major role in defining how you are perceived. Whether you get the spotlight, or are left to the sidelines. As a woman, you would probably know that apart from jewellery, the most important accessory with your outfit is your handbag. It’s not really meant to be extremely functional but rather a symbol of flash. You get it right, and you rock so the skill of matching your handbag with your outfit is very vital. Here, is everything you’ll need to know when trying to pick the right handbag.

For Parties

If it’s a formal black tie occasion, you’re supposed to be dressed up to your best. Your outfit has to be classy and not too flashy symbolizing your classiest version. An important feature of your outfit here is your handbag. A good idea would be a clutch purse that looks formal, it can even have beads if that’s what you like. A good brand choice could be Armani for these occasions.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a handbag for a more hip cocktail party or a dance party, you can take a flashy clutch purse or a dressy small sized shoulder bag. This is supposed to be fun so go all out with your spontaneity in choosing this. It can have a glittery sparkly surface or just be a flashy solid. Sling bags from Michael Kors are also a great choice when it comes to these parties.

Casual Events

Casual events can tend to be a bit more confusing as you don’t really have handbags meant for them the way you have specific ones assigned for parties. So, you can feel free to go with any other kind of bag that looks nice depending also on your body type. A good choice would be a shoulder bag since its fit for almost all casual events. Just go pick one that matches your outfit, and you’re good.

How to Make It Match Your Outfit

Any bag can make you look bad if it doesn’t match your outfit, even if it is a $1000 super rare handbag from the flashiest brand. It’s normal to feel nervous when it comes to deciding a handbag for your occasions that will match your outfit, so just give some consideration to it. See that the color matches well, and it has a bit of a contrast as well. It shouldn’t be interference in your movements and also not distract from your outfit, just compliment it. Once you have all this done, you can pick out two or three final choices and ask a friend which is the best. Then just confidently rock your complete outfit.