How to tell a woman that you like her?

We’ve all been crazy about a girl at one time or another. You know, that girl who made us turn our heads. She to whom everything was summed up, day and night. But also the one thanks to which we realized that we did not know how to tell a girl we love her.

So, since every man has already known this galley, here are five different ways to declare your love to a woman and make her understand that we like her.

#1. Just say: it goes, or it breaks

The first way to tell a girl that you are crazy about her is to say to her directly! To make her understand by listing this little something that makes you fall in love with her!

But for that, we must first “prepare the ground.” That is to say, to know it well, at first. To achieve this, one must already know what questions to ask a girl to interest her.

Once you’ve managed to find out what she likes in life, that you can reasonably think that you like her, then you’ll have to take your courage with both hands and get started! No, it’s not easy, but your daring will be well rewarded when you see this charming young woman become red with shyness after your statement.

#2. Write her a love letter: it’s so romantic

Ah, the love letter. For some, this is a time that people under 20 can not know. I assure you that it still has its effect, the handwritten letter!

Indeed, this little piece of paper become obsolete is a formidable weapon of seduction to confess her feelings to the girl we love! In addition to being an object that your bride can keep throughout your life as a couple, she is also incredibly romantic. So take out your finest pen, your most beautiful writing and become the poet who will capsize her heart!

PS: Make sure beforehand that she does not find this practice to kitsch; otherwise it will laugh you in the face!

#3. Offer her a treasure hunt: original and effective

And if you tried originality by organizing a treasure hunt? Have them go to places that are important to you, such as where you met, where you spent whole nights chatting or laughing!

Trace the course that made you crazy about her! And at each step, make sure that she finds little words from you, that will recall these beautiful memories while advancing in the enigma of the game.

As she finds these clues, she will understand your love for her, to the final destination, the one that does not mean anything to her now, but will mean a lot: the place of your first kiss.

#4. Give her roses: it always works!

A bit like the love letter, this technique of seduction is downright “old school,” but it is yet one of those who still work best today!

Enjoy being invited to her home or a one-on-one meeting to offer her a beautiful bouquet of roses. You will not have said a single word that already, you will see the smile of your beautiful illuminate her face! Besides, she will have clearly understood the message with the most beautiful flowers: the red rose, the rose of love!

# 5. Send her an SMS: the last resort

This is not the best way to tell a girl we like. Nevertheless, if you are a shy person, who is afraid of the reaction of this potential (girlfriend), this can be an excellent way to act. Of course, it also works if you can not tell her in the face, because you are miles away from her!

In short, here too, it will be to take your most beautiful pen and avoid the SMS language. Feel free to search for a rich text, to make your imagination work. Refer to the small details that make you capsize at home, or moments of joy spent together!

It is necessary that thanks to this simple message on its screen, you manage to make it crack. Dare to be creative and know how to surprise her with your words!

Bonus: a little madness

travel with a woman

If these five ways to tell her that you like it do not suit you, here is a bonus solution that can make its small effect. Do something crazy with her since it’s the same feeling of “madness” you feel for her. Go on a trip on a whim, go to the sea together, make her a surprise by bandaging his eyes and taking him to a place that makes her dream. Surprise it! If you can offer her what she dreams of without ever asking, she will have no reason not to fall under your spell!

That’s it; you now have all the cards in hand to declare your love. By following these tips, you should be able to make this girlfriend become your girlfriend and, why not someday, the mother of your children! It’s beautiful love, no?