Gifts for nerds: three ideas for Christmas

Developers or coders can be very socially awkward and hard to deal with. They are absolute wizards with the keyboard, with code and with online relationships and games, but for the most part, if you put them at a party or a barbeque they are beyond awkward. Increasingly though these people are more and more common as online and coding roles and work slowly but surely take over. Almost certainly you will know one or more of these socially awkward people. The question now is, when it comes to celebrating with these people, what do you get them? Here are a few tips ahead of the end of year parties and festive season celebrations.

What a nerd wants

Every nerd wants a hot girl who will laugh at his jokes and tell him that he is cute. Unfortunately, these girls are not easy to find in the real world. Well, they can be found, but typically speaking you have to pay for them. But why not? These days there are a lot of reputable companies offering genuine girlfriend experiences. A company like Sydney Outcall Girls has a plethora of smoking hot escorts on their books and you can choose somebody to spend the evening with your colleague. Find out what he like and place your order. It might cost you a bit but if you are looking to give a colleague a night he will remember, this is the way to go.

What’s his passion?

As much as we say that these coders are difficult to talk to, one of the reasons is that we don’t know what to talk about. Most developers have a passion, you just have to find what it is. It is probably something dorky and sci-fi related. Perhaps it is Star Wars or Star Trek (and whatever you do, don’t confuse the one for the other). Maybe it is Harry Potter or Marvel Comics. Whatever it is, find it and tap into it. It could be a costume (because these guys do like to dress-up), or an artefact or a book. The point is, find that thing that means the world to them, and go there.


Again, there is a degree of getting to know the person first; but try it. Find out what music they like and go to the effort of compiling a music playlist for them. Almost certainly their music choice will be obscure and dark. Probably some type of metal or indie. Dance music is also an option. Whatever it is, go to the trouble of finding out what they like and making something for them. It could be as simple as including a few of their favourite tracks on the soundtrack for the end of year party. It could be a mix for them to listen to as they work away with their headphones on. Maybe there are a few touchpoints that you have in common that you can include onto the mix. The point is that you are reaching out and joining them in their world. It might seem like a strange place to go at first, but try it, and watch how they go to bat for you in the future.