Five Ways to Add More Charm to Your Wedding Décor

Planning your wedding can be fun and exciting. There are so many aspects that need attention, but you need to be careful about certain important things. In this post, we will talk about five ways to add charm to your wedding décor and theme.

  1. Work with color palettes

Gone are the times when one or two colors ruled wedding themes. Today, it is more about a range of shades in the same palette. You will find something for almost all kinds of ideas. Color themes allow you to experiment with more décor elements, as well. You can work with the textures and feel of the fabrics and materials used in the entire venue.

  1. Flowers are eternal

No wedding is complete without flowers, and thankfully, you don’t have to restrict your ideas to roses and lilies anymore. When you plan the wedding theme, make sure that you select one that has room for floral decorations. Also, you need to find the right florist, who can check the venue and plan the work in advance. If done right, you don’t need a lot of things for the décor, as flowers have the right amount of charm and beauty.

  1. Plan a fun exit

Once the main event is over and you are done taking your vows, you need to make a grand exit. From confetti poppers to wedding bells and even bubbles, there are endless ideas that can be used for the same. You can click here to find a few more options, such as wedding sparklers. This is a smart décor idea that doesn’t have to be expensive but can add a lot of charm to the entire event.

  1. Have fun with the lighting

Don’t like bright lights, you can tone down the wedding flavors by opting for mood lighting. There are all sorts of lights available today, which can be coordinated with the venue for creating a perfect atmosphere. Lighting can change with the settings, as well. In the mountains, you might like soft and warm lights, while candid colored rice lights can be used for a beach wedding.

  1. Dress the tables

If you want your guests to feel special, you have to find ways to dress the table. Try different wedding table designs, which can add charm to boring venues. In fact, you can try new floral designs, linen materials and even simple glassware to create a more unique appeal for each table. Of course, everything has to be in sync with each other. You can also try and include some elements of the wall décor on the tables, as well.

Finally, don’t miss the overall budget of your wedding before you plan the décor and theme. It is wise to work around a price tag, so that you can include more things on the list. Also, contact the vendors as soon as possible, which can help in getting a better price, especially if you intend to order items with a customized design or style. Start planning your wedding now!