Experience Cybersex As Never Before

Clearly, the most important element for maintaining distance sex is the computer. Once we are connected with our partner, by image and sound, the most important thing is to act naturally. Trust in our partner is the most important thing in order to feel comfortable and not to force the situation.

Acts You Can Do

Just think of what you would do if you were physically together. For starters, you can gently remove your clothes in front of the screen: a striptease can warm the mood. Since we cannot physically touch our partner and do everything we like to do with him / her, it is important to describe in words. Ask him to explain in detail what parts of your body he / she would like to kiss, where he / she would like to touch and caress you, and how. This is the perfect time to use your erotic imagination. In the LiveParties you will get all these chances.

Discover your own body

To reach orgasm this time you can only rely on your own hands. It is therefore important that you know your body well: masturbation will this time be your great ally. Touch while listening to your partner describes what they would like you to do, and ask them to do the same. Have no qualms about sharing this very exciting moment in front of the camera.

Use sex toys

Sex toys can be very helpful in relieving desire and, although generally reserved for intimacy, you can include them in your virtual sex session. Visit our online store and opt for a clitoral stimulator or a masturbator.

Apps to unleash

New technologies make cybersex much more fun. In addition to sex toys, different applications are focused on virtual pleasure. Skype is the most simple and popular. It allows us to make video calls via computer or mobile, which facilitates the situation during virtual sex because we can see our partner in real time. Bliss turns sex into play. You can choose your favourite music, and adjust your sexual preferences. Roll the dice, the application will tell you what the next step is for you to raise the temperature. Fundawear is an idea created by the Durex brand of condoms, which recently launched a collection of underwear that can be connected to your smartphone through an app. You can send vibrations to your partner, which he will feel at specific points thanks to a vibration motor installed on the clothes.

Some tips

Although LiveParties is a good experience that allows us to connect with our partner, before practicing this kind of sex, a number of factors must be taken into account. First of all, do not feel obligated to do it. It is important that you feel comfortable. Before you practice it, make sure no one is at home and you are alone, it seems obvious, but remember that the walls have ears! And finally, it’s important that you protect your privacy and make sure no one is recording the moment. The webcam on your computer is the hotspot for hackers, so it is advisable to download a program to protect yourself from unwanted spies.