Do people only use free dating sites for sex?

You’ve probably noticed when you use a traditional and popular dating website that most people who register for free seem to be enquiring about sex, even when the website is supposed to be there for normal coupling. It is a certain trend that is happening and we can’t always blame people for it. After all who wants to pay for sex if they can get it for free? After all don’t they say that the best things in life can found for free? Well, the truth is a bit different, and whilst you can make the most of free dating subscriptions, the results are not really that great. The question is: does using free sites really work, and would you not be better off using a paid adult dating site instead?

Traditional dating sites

Ordinary dating sites are often used for coupling and serious relationships, but of course there are always those who try to make the most out of free subscriptions to try sex dating. But let’s be honest, this approach doesn’t really work. Most people looking for sex on traditional websites tend to be quite rude and sleazy about it all. They will send you messages that are often offensive and disrespectful, almost treating you like a piece of meat. These guys do not do themselves any favours, and in fact they tend to give sex dating a bad name. Ultimately if you want sex, there are plenty of adult dating sites out there, and believe it or not people who go there are a whole lot more polite and respectful.

Adult dating sites

The thing about most adult dating sites such as My Sex Hookups is that whilst you can join in for free, you actually have to pay to enable functions such as sending messages to other people. The very fact that people are paying for their subscription means that they don’t mess around so much, and they take things a bit more seriously. It’s a bit like making a commitment, once you pay you want to make sure that you don’t get kicked out for bad behaviour. Also, adult dating works a bit differently than normal dating. Even though it is a lot about sex, people aren’t as sleazy as you might expect. A lot people will just message you saying they’ve seen your profile and they might be interested in hooking up; as they know that disrespect simply doesn’t work.

Why use free sites for sex?

Whilst you get the commitment with paid adult dating sites, not paying makes it easier to hide behind an anonymous fake profile. Since nothing is paid for, the people have got nothing to lose so they don’t take it very seriously. For them it’s all a game of numbers. Adult dating is still about the quality of the people you meet, after all you’re still looking at having good sex and you don’t just pick anyone. So when people approach you for free about sex on a traditional dating site, you can be sure that their level of commitment will reflect how they treat you in bed. In other words, stick to adult dating sites if you want sex, because believe or not, people there are more serious and more respectful.