Check here to know social inequality and dogma pertaining to pornography

Pornography is all-pervasive, easily accessible, and lively. It has turned out to be a powerful tool influencing the sex life and taste of many worldwide. Most people discuss about the potential harm of pornography. The impact of porn on women between the age group of eighteen to thirty is multifaceted and often paradoxical. These women have no inhibition about sex with men.  Most of the women’s views suggested porno spice up their sex life, gives them novel ideas. It makes them feel, their sexual desire and preferences are normal. But surprisingly, when they spoke about sexual pleasure and porn, it was not about their own desire but the needs, desires, expectations of their male partners.

The statement reinforces the social inequality and dogma pertaining to pornography. Women feel the orgasm, sexual enjoyment portrayed in a porn clip is too staged, scripted. The women actors get aroused easily; they groan loudly, get prepared for penetration in no time. It made the female audience awkward; the orgasm appears phony. Sometimes a woman wants to step in the shoe of the pornstars willingly or partner`s perseverance, but most of the time, the experience is very dreadful. Sometimes women mimic the sexual acts of a porn movie with a sole desire to fulfill the desire of their partner. In effect, she ignores her own sexual pleasure and turns herself to an object of lust. Check here to know how to satisfy your partner without intimidating.

The meaning of pleasure in solo or duo sex activities is influenced by physiology, psychology, culture, and relationship factors. A sexual act that is pleasurable to a woman can be nauseating to another. Her partner must know what pleases her most; sex is about mutual gratification and arousal. Pleasure is subjective, and each woman is unique. Communication and trial and error are crucial to finding the correct arousal method to derive the ultimate ecstasy. Such ranges are occasionally featured in mainstream pornography.

Most pornography is made for men, by men, and from women. It seems most porn is made for the pleasure of men alone. Women who express their sexual themes and desires are often considered promiscuous, while a sexually active male is taken as alpha. Open communication and discussion about a women`s sexual need and preference can break the status-quo.