A Few Surprising Perks of Becoming A Stripper

There are a few things that draw in regular people to the world of stripping, but money is usually at the top of the list. Even though the cash can be a big drawcard, there are actually quite a few other perks associated with stripping, many of them surprising. Although you can still work off to pay off monstrous university debt, stripping can also afford you skills that can benefit you for the rest of your life. In this article we detail a few of these to perhaps give you that extra little bit of push you needed to get into the wonderful world of stripping.

Build up your confidence

Stripping obviously demands that people understand how to demonstrate body language in a variety of ways, but these skills aren’t necessarily natural to every stripper – sometimes they’re simply learned. It always pays to watch female strippers in the Gold Coast and similar cities, where you can see how they use body language to their benefit. For example, you might observe interesting ways that dancers confidently apply body language, such as a self-assured posture, to help customers feel relaxed and comfortable. Self-confidence and self-esteem are also greatly improved through the normalisation of dancers exhibiting their bodies. With this also being regularly paired with the positive comments and awestruck gazes of customers, dancers are sure to feel great about themselves. One of the other great skills you will develop is dancing – we’re not all great dancers, but it’s absolutely a skill you can learn and improve upon, and when you’re doing it every day, it won’t take very long at all to dance impressively! Dancing, and particularly pole dancing, is excellent for fitness and your health, so you’ll be able to stay very trim on the job.

Work on your brand

One of the most interesting and unique elements associated with stripping is the development of a personal brand or image. To separate themselves from other dancers, a Gold Coast stripper should create unique selling points to ensure they develop appropriate popularity. Although this can include staying trim, there is also a great emphasis placed on things like makeup, hair and any clothing or types of lingerie used. Roleplaying can play a lot into this as well (and not the Dungeons and Dragons kind, either). The types of clothes, costumes, or lingerie that a stripper chooses to wear can take on a certain theme – think about how strippers might have a bad-girl or innocent girl vibe, and how customers positively react to this. And when customers positively react to how you perform, and after you learn to react to different kinds of customers, they’re sure to be back soon – and often with cashed-up friends in tow. 

Stripping is about more than the money

It should be very clear by now that stripping is so much more than a pay check (regardless of how good the stripping pay check is). So, while you’re paying off university of credit card debt, you should now know that you can improve on quite a few traits that you may have never even considered before – stripping really is an occupation that allows you to learn on the sexy job. Plus, with the flexibility of the role as well, you can work to your own schedule – it’s as easy as that!