A Few Great Ways to Help Build Your Escort Brand

Hard work and perseverance are important tools in the arsenal of a sex worker, but successful escorts need more than a good attitude to work to survive. It’s often a case in the world of sex work that a brand is as important as a service – marketing yourself helps you to gain a client base that grows over time, and it is extremely helpful to help retain this customer base in the long-run. An escorts brand takes time, so applying the available tools as effectively and swiftly as possible is often key to brand growth. In this article, we take a look at what these tools include, covering things such as social media, self-promotional writing and the appropriate management of photos.

Make your profile reflect you

It’s important to remember that building a brand in the escort industry takes time – Sydney escorts jobs have the reputation of being highly competitive, so it’s important to hit the ground running with your brand creativity from the outset. At first, it should be the simple things – fill in as much of your profile as you can, and make sure to not fill it with generic, stuffy information. Your profile should act as a way to uniquely present yourself, and while it doesn’t necessarily have to reflect your personality to a T, it should intrigue the client in some capacity and separate you from everyone else in some way. By filling in information such as price, hours of availability and services, you should also be much easier to find with search functions. As well as representing yourself with writing, you should have a very clear image. With pictures regularly being the first thing clients see, you want to make sure that your images are at a minimum professional and well presented, and from here you may wish to incorporate some unique flair (such as specific lingerie sets or items of clothing that reflect your personality).

Staying active online

Just as you’re reminded of certain people when they pop up on Instagram and Facebook, escorts should also have an online presence to help remind clients that they’re an option for a date. In using social media services like Twitter, it’s also possible to attract new clients simply through your posts and the way your profile is presented. Social media is also an excellent way for you to share escort diaries, which will allow you to share a wide variety of things that are personal or meaningful to you. This also acts as a way for clients to get to know your personality, which can act as a big drawcard as they feel like they get to know you. If you don’t want to talk about yourself, you can also talk about things related to the industry and your own experiences as a sex worker, as many clients find this very insightful.

Staying on top of your work

There are a huge variety of ways to build a brand as an escort, and what you choose to pursue will often relate to your personality and your approach to your work. No matter what you choose to do to build your brand, though, always make sure to update your profile – whether on escort sites or social media – to ensure that your visibility is never impacted. This is often key to retaining clients, and without this practice, they might eventually forget about you!