5 Tips to look and Feel Extraordinary on Your Wedding Day

 It is no secret that the preparations for your wedding day generate a lot of stress, you must be aware of many details, coordinate the venue, food, dress, honeymoon, and an overwhelming number of other things that are all part of the process, which not only involve a lot of time, but also a lot of tension. Keep in mind that choosing one of the excellent wedding venues Oxfordshire offers will make the planning for your wedding easier. Here are some recommendations that will be of great help in staying healthy and looking amazing on the day of your wedding.

  1. Exercise

Exercise will always be your best friend when it comes to releasing adrenaline and stress. A routine of at least 3 times a week will make your muscles and body feel active and help with the preparations of the wedding without difficulty and tiredness. Additionally, exercise will guarantee that you will look perfect in your dress on the day of your wedding, and on your honeymoon, with no extra weight.

  1. Healthy and balanced diet

The preparation for the wedding can lead to anxiety crises that negatively influence your eating habits, generating an increase in your weight or alterations in your skin. It is essential that while you are involved in the preparations for your wedding you and your partner maintain a diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables, reduce the consumption of liquor, and foods with lots of salt or fat. It is better to opt for a balanced diet than at the last minute trying any drastic and quick-fix diets that might change your metabolism and later generate problems in your appearance.

  1. Control stress

Planning your wedding will not be a simple matter and probably your stress levels will increase considerably, causing difficulties in sleeping, headaches, abdominal or muscle soreness, moodiness or irritability. However, having a recreational space is extremely useful when organising your wedding; look for yoga centres or alternative therapies that help you to release stress. Meditation, spas, massages or art can also be very useful to give you peace of mind. Try to sleep between 6 to 8 hours a day.

  1. Look for comfort

It is important to look beautiful, but it’s also recommended that you be comfortable too. Find accessories and shoes that are comfortable, try to buy them a few weeks in advance and use them for a while so that on the day they do not generate any kind of discomfort.

  1. Take care and love yourself

Everyone knows that the bride is the centre of attention at any wedding, a constant focus of all the glances from guests, and obviously the fiancé, which is why she must look extraordinary. Take care of your face every day, use vitamins for your skin and hair that help you look radiant. Love yourself and take care that on the long-awaited day you do not look tired.

Simply follow these recommendations and you’ll look extraordinarily beautiful on your wedding day.