2017 jewellery trends you need to try now!

A perfect look is all about matching the right elements, and to nail every attire, you need the perfect jewellery. Every season, much like fashion, jewellery trends change and evolve, offering us something new to experiment with. As we are at the end of the current year, we reveal some of the best trends you should try in 2018.

  • Statement neckpieces. A lot of women love the statement neckpiece, which comes in sorts of styles and designs. From something that’s inspired from the runways of the west to a unique item representing ethnic Indian fashion, the choices are many. A statement neckpiece works with almost anything. In the fall, you can pair it with a nice pullover, whereas in the summers, it can be all about matching your jewellery with dresses and skirts. The idea is to play around with colours and themes, so try all that you can!
  • Big hand-cuffs. Summer 2017 was all about big and oversized hand and arm cuffs, and fashion experts believe that the trend is here to stay. Basically, you try all the unique items that’s available. Something like a dragon or a simple stack of oversized bangles should do wonders to western and Indian outfits alike. With statement pieces, there’s just one rule that you need to follow – less is more.
  • Chokers are on. Many designers continued to use chokers for their fall and summer collections in 2017, and the trend has been around for a while. If you are someone who doesn’t like big neckpieces or those art jewellery items, this is the choice to go for. Statement chokers are dainty and have a minimalistic appeal that’s hard to ignore. If you haven’t tried wearing one of those simple thread chokers, it’s time to buy a few.

  • Simple rings here. From mid rings to delicate stone-studded rings, the idea is back in vogue. If you have the budget, go for a ring in gold, or even rose gold and platinum. For those who are short on budget, silver rings should work fine. You can try some of the sterling silver ones, as well, which are low on price, and there are endless styles and designs that one can choose from.
  • Ear cuffs. Well, ear cuffs are meant to be fun and experimental, so there are no hard and fast rules. You can go for something that comes with Chinese motifs or can wear a simple piece with stud stones. The idea is to skip some of the old school danglers, which are overdone now. You just need to find more ways to adorn the ears.

Check online now and start shopping for these trends. You probably need more than you think!